Photograph by Jordan Edwards

Photograph by Jordan Edwards

About the Artist

Luisanna Tejada is a proud native of the Dominican Republic. She is a yoga loving, tree hugging, fierce lady photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. She enjoys making others laugh,  feel welcomed and she tends to attract people with her free-spirit and positive vibes.

Tejada graduated from the University of Akron in Ohio with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fashion Merchandising with a minor concentration in Photography in May of 2015, both subjects strategically chosen to assure that she would be challenged creatively. After deep contemplation, wrangling fears and doubt, Tejada took a leap of faith and by July of 2015 was in New York City chasing her dreams of being a world renown photographer.   

By day Tejada works in graphic design, but by night she wields her camera for good, not evil. Tejada launched Luisanna Tejada Photography in 2016. Tejada wants to make an impact in the lives of others and knows that her vision through the lens is a gift that is allowing her to do so.