About the Artist

Luisanna Tejada is a proud native of the Dominican Republic. She is a yoga loving, tree hugging, fierce lady photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. She enjoys making others laugh,  feel welcomed and she tends to attract people with her free-spirit and positive vibes.

Tejada graduated from the University of Akron in Ohio with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fashion Merchandising with a minor concentration in Photography in May of 2015, both subjects strategically chosen to assure that she would be challenged creatively. After deep contemplation, wrangling fears and doubt, Tejada took a leap of faith and by July of 2015 was in New York City chasing her dreams of being a world renown photographer. Tejada launched Luisanna Tejada Photography in 2016. She wants to make an impact in the lives of others and knows that her vision through the lens is a gift that is allowing her to do so.

When Tejada isn't working in Photography she teaches yoga and works for a healing center. Tejada is a 200 HR Yoga Certified Yoga Instructor. Her certification has allowed her to share the gift of yoga with others.